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Created by a pageant girl for pageant girls, The Pageant Planner Co. provides the first all-in-one printed product exclusively for the pageant world. 

I actually created a product I desperately needed and just couldn't find something already out there that fulfilled all of my requirements. Now don't get me wrong, there were a billion printables available; but there just wasn't a physical planner that you could buy, ready printed, ready to open and fill with goals, dreams, and plans for your dream Pageant Title. 


As a busy Mum of young children with two businesses to run, I just didn't feel that printables were an option for me; my printer is basic, and I am haphazard at the best of times. A ring binder with hole punched papers in was going to be a nightmare for me; pages tearing out and getting lost, or worse, tonnes of plastic sleeves, and  a cumbersome folder to tote around when constantly travelling. It just wasn't for me, nor would it be for women like me who suffer from a lack of time and an excess of daily juggling.

My search actually began in March 2018, when I trawled hundreds of websites, combing even the dustiest corners of the world wide web. SOMEONE must have already thought of this? I kept looking.

18 months later, my efforts futile, I drew the conclusion that if I wanted this amazing product...I needed to create it myself. 

So, back in September, I started researching how I could create a planner of my own design specifically for pageant girls.


I contacted a few independent stationery designers to see if they would be willing to work with me on it; but the response was pretty flat.

“Pageants?” They asked. “Is that still a thing?”

Many decided it wouldn’t be worth their time. I decided to go it alone.

After creating hundreds of different drafts of designs, elements, pages and sections, and having spent easily in excess of 200 hours fine tuning, perfecting and proofing the final design, the planner that will help any pageant girl to become her most prepared self for her competition, no matter the system, was ready. And here you are, reading about it!

So, lets talk about this fabulous bit of kit. 

It’s set across 12 months but is undated meaning your pageant year can start when you are ready, whether as a finalist or in preparation for an International competition. It’s a great resource for National Queens, too.

Inside the nature themed planner you’ll find;

✨A budget plan - because organisation is key
✨A mindset section to ensure you are in the best emotional shape to take your title
✨Appearance tracker so that you can keep tabs on how hard you’re working
✨Fundraising log to keep track of every penny you raise
✨Amazing motivational quotes to keep you inspired
✨A monthly two page view calendar with extra space on the weekends
✨Monthly self care checklists - because self care is vital for everyone
✨A monthly social media journal to help you plan for the gram (and facebook, and blog and other platforms!)
✨Interview and Media Prep section so you never stumble on an interview with a journalist again
✨Monthly appearance outfit planner - no more last minute panics!
✨Competition wardrobe planner on a double page view so you can easily keep track of your outfit choices, colour schemes and accessories
✨The all important packing checklist with plenty of space to personalise it just for you
✨ and lots more!

These beautiful planners are wirebound, designed so you can fold it back on itself to take notes or make plans, all printed on quality heavyweight paper. A gorgeous frosted acetate cover on the front and back keeps your precious plans protected whilst offering more flexibility to fit it into your handbag or luggage than a hardback planner, and now they are available in A4 and A5! 

Thank you for your support of The Pageant Planner Co. I hope to see your crowning moment soon!

NC x

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