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These aren't just ordinary planners. 

They have been specifically designed to ensure that any Pageant Girl is her most prepared self for her competition, with heavy emphasis on mindset and self-care. 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when competing; now you can organise your thoughts, plans, appearances, fundraising, events, social media, workouts, travel information and so much more, all in one beautiful place.

All of the planners are undated, which means your best year ever starts as soon as you decide. 

Each monthly chapter starts with a motivational quote and ends with a reflection section for you to reflect and goal plan, with segments in between for you to plan your social media content, practise self care, make notes, and plan, plan, plan!

We truly believe that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well; that's why you can expect to receive a beautifully packaged wire bound planner with thick heavy-weight paper inside, card cover pages with a gorgeously subtle floral print and frosted acetate outer covers on the front and back, colour printed throughout. You'll also find some free gifts in the box, too!

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